Dec 2022

Music Scores #2, Fantasia is published.

Dec 2022

The revised edition of Thomas is published.

Nov 2022

The second print of Post-Texture is now available.

Oct 2022

Workroom Specter’s new series Music Scores #1, Prélude Non Mesuré is published.

Sept 2022

Post-Texture is published.

Etude No. 1

Conceived by Min Oh

Written by Min Oh, Hyerim Yoo

Published by Workroom Specter


Table of Contents

Min Oh
Artist’s note

Hyerim Yoo
Artist’s note

Hyerim Yoo
Etude No.1 Part 1 Senza Misura

Min Oh, Hyerim Yoo
Etude No.1 Part 2 Tempo Misura