Mar 23, 2024

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee, Limestone Books, Maastricht

Feb 2024

Symbiont, openstudio and talk, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Nov 2023

Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.


Min Oh

Written by Min Oh, Jihye Chang

Published by Specter Press


Publication Preview
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Table of Contents

Étude ABCD


Étude No. 1


Étude for Étude

  • Published by Specter Press

    Designed by Sulki and Min
    English copyedited by Joseph Fungsang
    Korean copyedited by Hanbum Lee
    Ophthalmological information verified by Chankyu Oh
    Printed and bound by Top Process, Seoul

    First published 2018

    ISBN 978-89-93061-46-8 93680
    48 pages
    125 × 180 mm
    15,000 KRW

    Published in conjunction with the exhibition Étude by Min Oh, the recipient of the 17th Hermès Foundation Missulsang, shown at the Atelier Hermès, Seoul.