Dec 2022

Second revised edition of Thomas – book of doubts around contemporary art – has been published.

Dec 2022

Fantasia, the second book in the Music Scores series, has been released.

Nov 2022

Since all copies sold out within a few weeks, Workroom Specter kindly publishes second printing of Post-Texture.

Oct 2022

Prélude Non Mesuré, the first volume in the new series Music Scores – publications investigating the origins of the “sound mass” phenomena – has been released.

Sep 2022

Post-Texture, my new book of writings on the non-hierarchical language, has been published.

ABA Diagram

digital drawing


diagram of analysis of Rachmaninoff Piano Sonata No. 2, the first movement
media and size variable

  • diagram drawing in Black.jpg
Writing Excerpt

ABA is a series which consists of four works that can both stand independently as well as a whole. It began with exploring ways of making time structure in video, and is an outcome of the research on how the musical form, which has exquisitely developed throughout a long period of time, is being used to affect other time-based media. Beginning with the study of the musical form, ABA explores the origin and the expandability of musical form, the relationship between performance and interpretation, and the form of the score and the way in which it is read. The first movement of the Piano Sonata No. 2 by Rachmaninoff is used as the subject of the work. The music is analyzed in ABA Diagram, which is then transposed into sensory information in ABA Video Score, composed as scenes in ABA Video, then the structure is finally recomposed in the experimentation of a live performance in confined space and time in ABA Performance. ABA is not just a visual representation of the aural, but transposes the ‘structure’ of music into relationship between scenes.”