September 2024

Solo Exhibition, De Appel, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).


time-based installation


performance of Absentee, a series of 5 short music pieces composed of sounds that are difficult to hear or cannot be heard
2 channel projection, 4 channel audio
20 min 18 sec

Video Samples
Writing Excerpt

“The transfiguration of music from something only audible into something potentially visible, implies a possibility to make up for the blurred universal senses in contemporary music with the sense of sight. If the universal senses are supplemented, they might naturally improve their legibility. This is not the only reason why music’s visibility is intriguing to me; its visibility may work as the overarching source for studying the common language of the three fields of music, dance, and visual art and to usher sound, movement, and image into a primal state in which music, dance, and visual art are one and the same. When time encounters the body, it generates movement and space and leaves behind images and sound. Music, dance, and visual art employing time as their material can be closely bound up to a point where fundamental questions concerning these elements are raised.”

    Film Stills
    • 05Ensemble All.tif
    • 04Natalie.tif
    • 05Ensemble Kevin.tif
    • 01David2.tif
    Installation Views
    • 02 Attendee 5 Ensemble.tif
    • 02 Attendee 1 David.tif
    • 02 Attendee 2 Anne.tif
    • 02 Attendee 4 Natalie.tif
    • 02 Attendee 3 Kevin.tif
    • 2020

      Artist talk with Seokmin Mun (musical composer) and Yeasul Shin (music critic)
      Exhibition-related program of Invitee Attendee Absentee
      Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul, KR

    • Concept, Direction

      Min Oh

    • Editing

      Min Oh

    • Music

      Min Oh, Seokmin Mun: Absentee (2019)

    • Performance

      Camera Walking Performance

      Daniel Donato,
      Mariore Manneville,
      Pauline Sicard

      Listening Performance

      Kyulim Kim,
      Min Oh,
      Seokmin Mun

      Musical Performance


      David Ko


      Anne Veinberg


      Kevin Kirs Verstege


      Natalie Kulina

      David, Anne, Kevin, Natalie, and Aristide

      Anne Veinberg,
      Aristide Moari,
      David Ko,
      Kevin Kirs Verstege,
      Natalie Kulina

    • Photography

      Director of Photography

      Pauline Sicard



      Assistant Camera

      Daniel Donato

      Camera Operation

      Pauline Sicard



      Mariore Manneville

    • Post-Production


      Pauline Sicard

    • Production

      Production Assistant

      Kyulim Kim

    • Sound

      Chosun Hong

    • Style

      Min Oh

    • With the support of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR