Dec 2022

Second revised edition of Thomas – book of doubts around contemporary art – has been published.

Dec 2022

Fantasia, the second book in the Music Scores series, has been released.

Nov 2022

Since all copies sold out within a few weeks, Workroom Specter kindly publishes second printing of Post-Texture.

Oct 2022

Prélude Non Mesuré, the first volume in the new series Music Scores – publications investigating the origins of the “sound mass” phenomena – has been released.

Sep 2022

Post-Texture, my new book of writings on the non-hierarchical language, has been published.

Marina, Lukas, and Myself

time-based installation


in collaboration with Marina Colomina, Lukas Huisman
3 channel film, 6 channel audio
24 min 19 sec

Video Excerpts
Film Stills
  • 01-1.jpg
  • 01-2.jpg
  • 02-1.jpg
  • 02-2.jpg
  • 03-1.jpg
  • 03-2.jpg
Installation Views
  • _KCH3955.jpg
  • KCH3963.jpg
  • KCH3966.jpg
  • Concept, Direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Reinilde Jonkhout Studio, Amsterdam

  • Performance


    Jeroen Bakker,
    Marina Colomina,
    Eva Honings,
    Amy Pender,
    Yuri Peters

    Marina Colomina: Exquisite Corpses (2012)


    Lukas Huisman

    Steve Reich: Piano Phase (1967)
    With kind permission of Universal Edition AG, Vienna


    Min Oh

  • Photography


    Min Oh

    Filming Assistant

    Ronja Andersen,
    Reinilde Jonkhout,
    Polina Vasilieva


    Reinilde Jonkhout

  • Post-Production


    Min Oh

  • Set

    Prop Design

    Min Oh

    Prop Production

    Min Oh,
    Vincent de Rijk Workshop

    Set Production

    Benjamin Roth,
    Min Oh

  • Sound


    Chosun Hong

    Sound Recording

    Chosun Hong,
    Lukas Huisman,
    Jaehong Moon (Mong and Works)

    Sound Editing, Mixing

    Chosun Hong

  • With the support of Dommering Foundation, Amsterdam, NL; (MMCA) National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon, KR; Samsung Foundation, Seoul, KR