ABA Video will be screened during the M+ at Night: Seen and Unseen, M+, Hong Kong.


ABA Video is currently being presented in the Maniera exhibition at Doosan Gallery, Seoul.


Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.


Music Scores series Prélude Non Mesuré and Fantasia have been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful books in Korea in 2023 at the Seoul International Book Fair.

Polyphony of Polyphony

time-based installation


investigation on the notion of sense of simultaneity
3 channel projection, 6 channel audio
9 min 30 sec

Video Excerpts
Writing Excerpt

The work was conceived from doubt in my text written a few years ago. I wrote that “it is impossible to read multiple texts simultaneously, and it is not easy to see multiple images simultaneously, but it is possible to hear multiple sounds simultaneously.” Instead, I newly posited that one could perceive multiple stimuli simultaneously more than expected, whether a combination of sounds, images, written/spoken texts, or all mixed together in a specific condition.

    Film Stills
    • Polyphony V1 Group.tif
    • Polyphony V1 V Close.tif
    • Polyphony V1 M Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 L Closest.tif
    • Polyphony V2 R Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 T Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 T1-1.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L1 B.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L3 A.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L4 B.tif
    Installation Views
    • 211016_Polyphony (67).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (69).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (74).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (86).jpg
    • 2021

      Co-curated by Min Oh and Suzy Park
      Total Museum, Seoul KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 1
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Harry C. H. Choi (curator)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 2
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Yeasul Shin (music critic)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 3
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Sooyoung Nam (film theory and media)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 4
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Seonryeong Cho (aesthetician, curator)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • Concept, Direction

      Min Oh

    • Director

      1st Assistant Director

      Lauren Oliel
      Roman Beaudouin

      2nd Assistant Director

      Thomas Pousse


      Min Oh

    • Editing

      Min Oh

    • Filming Location

      Jardin des Senteurs, Epinay-sur-Seine;
      Studios of Epinay, Epinay-sur-Seine;
      Canal de Meaux à Chalifert, Esbly;
      Grandes Serres de Pantin, Pantin

      Location Management Assistant

      Maïra Brogniart,
      Alexandre Lepape

      Location Management

      Vincent Gaeta


      Valentin Jolivot

    • Music


      Min Oh


      Seokmin Mun

    • Performance


      Min Oh
      in collaboration with
      all the performers



      Benjamin Meneghini,
      Clémence Schreiber,
      Elise Dël Aneho,
      Garance Kim,
      Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo,
      Sophie Froissard


      Benjamin Meneghini,
      Elise Dël Aneho,
      Pauline Boireau,
      As well as Thomas Pousse


      Benjamin Meneghini

    • Photography

      Direction of Photography

      Pauline Sicard



      Assistant Camera

      Iris Ibanez

      Camera Operation

      Pauline Sicard



      Gaspard Christin

      Key Grip

      Maxime Legros



      Alexandra Eon,
      Paul Texier

    • Post-Production


      Pauline Sicard

      Color-Grading Studio

      Hidden Mother

      Image Adjustment

      Min Oh

    • Production

      Hippocampe Productions

      Line Producer

      Jordane Oudin

      Production Manager

      Léa Goldziuk

    • Set

      Set Design

      Min Oh

      Set Production

      Arsène Filliatreau
      and his team

    • Sound

      Sound Design

      Chosun Hong

      Sound Editing, Mixing

      Chosun Hong

      Sound Recording

      Mathieu Burgess

    • Style

      Costume Adjustment

      Hayeon Kang

      Costume Design Assistant

      Hayeon Kang


      Min Oh

      Hair Dressing

      Meizi Peng

      Wordrobe Assistant

      Hayeon Kang,
      Michele Saad

    • With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR; SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, KR