ABA Video will be screened during the M+ at Night: Seen and Unseen, M+, Hong Kong.


ABA Video is currently being presented in the Maniera exhibition at Doosan Gallery, Seoul.


Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.


Music Scores series Prélude Non Mesuré and Fantasia have been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful books in Korea in 2023 at the Seoul International Book Fair.

Jinan Kang, Yeonwha Kong, Minjung Kim, Sungwan Kim, Kitae Bae, Yeasul Shin, Jinyoung Shin, Sulki & Min, Woosup Sim, Min Oh, Sinsil Lee, Yanghee Lee, Youngwoo Lee, Taehun Lee, Kwangjun Jung, Joseph Fungsang, June Moon Kyung Hahn, Yunkyung Hur, Chosun Hong, 57studio,

Min Oh

Written by Min Oh, Sungwan Kim, Yeasul Shin

Published by Specter Press


Publication Preview
    • Book - Jinan Kang...57studio full.pdf
    • Book - Jinan Kang...57studio full.pdf