Mar 23, 2024

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee, Limestone Books, Maastricht

Feb 2024

Symbiont, openstudio and talk, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Nov 2023

Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.

412356 Prototype

time-based installation


exploration on irony between narrative and pseudo-narrative
3 channel projection, 6 channel audio
6 min 36 sec

Video Excerpts
  • 412356 Musical Score 3 copy.jpg
  • 412356 Musical Score 5 copy.jpg
Film Stills
  • 412356 V1 1.tif
  • 412356 V1 5.tif
  • 412356 V1 8.tif
  • 412356 V2 8.tif
  • 412356 V2 11.tif
  • 412356 V3 6.tif
  • 412356 V3 1.tif
  • 412356 V2 12.tif
  • 412356 V3 2.tif
  • 412356 V2 16.tif
  • 412356 V2 10.tif
Installation Views
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (87).jpg
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (94).jpg
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (100).jpg
#211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (100).jpg
This photo was taken by the Seoul Council of Art Musuem with a grant from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • 2021

    Co-curated by Min Oh, Suzy Park
    Total Museum, Seoul, KR

  • Concept & Direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Fabulous Future, Amsterdam;
    Hilbert Kamphuisen Studio, Amsterdam

  • Music

    Concept & Direction

    Min Oh

    Musical Composition

    Seokmin Mun

  • Performance

    Foley Art

    Chosun Hong

    Voice 1

    Oneka Von Schrader

    Voice 2

    David Ko

    Voice 3

    Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

  • Photography

    Direction of Photography

    Pauline Sicard



    Camera Operation

    Pauline Sicard



    Mariore Manneville

    Installation Assistant

    Daniel Donato,
    Stella Sterk

  • Post-Production


    Pauline Sicard

    Color Grading Studio

    Hidden Mother

  • Production


    Min Oh

    Production Assistant

    Kyulim Kim

  • Set & Costume


    Min Oh

    Set Construction

    Benjamin Roth

    Set Painting, Deconstruction

    Elia Castino,
    Mathilde Helbo Stubmark,
    Andoni Zamora

  • Sound

    Chosun Hong

  • With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR