Dec 2022

Second revised edition of Thomas – book of doubts around contemporary art – has been published.

Dec 2022

Fantasia, the second book in the Music Scores series, has been released.

Nov 2022

Since all copies sold out within a few weeks, Workroom Specter kindly publishes second printing of Post-Texture.

Oct 2022

Prélude Non Mesuré, the first volume in the new series Music Scores – publications investigating the origins of the “sound mass” phenomena – has been released.

Sep 2022

Post-Texture, my new book of writings on the non-hierarchical language, has been published.

Étude AC

time-based installation


probe into crucial techniques required to contemporary performers, inspired by the history of piano étude
2 channel projection, 6 channel audio
10 min 21 sec

Video Samples
Writing Excerpt

“Performers constantly see. While seizing the past, in the space of their minds, they see images that are already drawn in their heads. While employing the present, in the physical space, they see images all made of external stimuli. While engaging with the future, again in the space of their minds, they create images that they have not yet seen, and then see them.”

    Film Stills
    • Etude A3.tif
    • Etude A4 C.tif
    • Etude A7.tif
    • Etude A6.tif
    • Etude A8 C.tif
    • Etude A11.tif
    • Etude A10.tif
    • Etude A9 C.tif
    • Etude A12 C.tif
    • Etude C 1 C1.tif
    • Etude C 1 M2.tif
    • Etude C 2 C1.tif
    • Etude C 3 M1.tif
    • Etude C 4 W1.tif
    • Etude C 5 W1.tif
    • 2021

      (screening) Focus On #3 Min Oh
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2018

      Atelier Hermès, Seoul, KR

    • concept, direction

      Min Oh

    • Editing

      Min Oh

    • Filming Location

      Bois de Vincennes, Paris;
      Cité internationale des arts;
      Le Générateur, Paris

    • Performance


      Min Oh
      in collaboration with
      Olivia Lioret,
      Sabine Rivière


      Channel A

      Olivia Lioret,
      Tess Maliczak,
      Sabine Rivière

      Channel C

      Sabine Riviere

    • Photography

      Direction of Photography

      Pauline Sicard



      Assistant Camera

      Juliette Barrat

      Camera Operation

      Pauline Sicard



      Mariore Manneville

    • Post-Production


      Pauline Sicard

    • Production

      Hippocampe Production


      Jordane Oudin

      Production Assistant

      Hyundai Pang,
      Tess Maliczak

      Production Management

      Rossella Cecili

    • Set & Costume


      Min Oh

      Set Production

      Sébastien Gondek

      Set Production Assistant

      Boris Pottier,
      Jean-Philippe Dury

    • Sound

      Chosun Hong

    • Realized within the framework of the exhibition at Atelier Hermès thanks to the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès