Dec 2022

Music Scores #2, Fantasia is published.

Dec 2022

The revised edition of Thomas is published.

Nov 2022

The second print of Post-Texture is now available.

Oct 2022

Workroom Specter’s new series Music Scores #1, Prélude Non Mesuré is published.

Sept 2022

Post-Texture is published.

Three Voices



experiment with non-physical simultaneity of three voices
composed by Min Oh, Seokmin Mun
approx. 20 min

Video Documentation Excerpt
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Performance Documentation Photos
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  • 2020

    Showcase at Oil Tank Culture Park
    Organized by Arts Council Korea

  • Concept, direction

    Min Oh

  • Musical Composition

  • Premiere Performance

    Hyeongjun Cho,
    Yeasul Shin,
    Woosup Shim

  • The composition is based on conversation with
    Min Oh (artist),
    Seokmin Mun (musical composer),
    Jidon Jung (writer),
    Hyeongjun Cho (choreographer)

  • Performance documentation by 2019 ArkoCreate

  • With the support of Art Council Korea, KR