Dec 2022

Second revised edition of Thomas – book of doubts around contemporary art – has been published.

Dec 2022

Fantasia, the second book in the Music Scores series, has been released.

Nov 2022

Since all copies sold out within a few weeks, Workroom Specter kindly publishes second printing of Post-Texture.

Oct 2022

Prélude Non Mesuré, the first volume in the new series Music Scores – publications investigating the origins of the “sound mass” phenomena – has been released.

Sep 2022

Post-Texture, my new book of writings on the non-hierarchical language, has been published.

Étude B

time-based installation


the score of Étude C, simultaneously the storyboard of Étude A
5 channel film, no audio
2 min 18 sec


“In midsummer 2017, Youngwoo Lee, a pianist and a good friend of mine, told me that she had participated in Everything about Étude (Tout sur les Études), a project that commissioned twelve Korean composers and twelve Korean pianists to compose twelve contemporary piano études. Recollecting études by Chopin, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff that I was asked to perform for competitions or auditions when I was a student, I wondered what skills the contemporary composers had required the contemporary pianists to be proficient in. At the same time, I ruminated over the techniques I had demanded from the performers who collaborated with me for my films and performances in recent years.”

Film Stills
  • Etude B3 1.tif
  • Etude B3 3.tif
  • Etude B3 4.jpg
  • 2021

    (screening) Focus On #3 Min Oh
    Total Museum, Seoul, KR

  • 2018

    Atelier Hermès, Seoul, KR

  • Concept, Direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Le Générateur, Paris

  • Performance


    Min Oh
    in collaboration with
    Olivia Lioret


    Olivia Lioret

  • Photography

    Direction of Photography

    Pauline Sicard



    Assistant Camera

    Juliette Barrat

    Camera Operation

    Pauline Sicard



    Mariore Manneville

  • Post-Production


    Pauline Sicard

  • Production

    Hippocampe Production


    Jordane Oudin

    Production Assistant

    Hyundai Pang,
    Tess Maliczak

    Production Management

    Rossella Cecili

  • Set & Costume


    Min Oh

    Set Production

    Sébastien Gondek

    Set Production Assistant

    Boris Pottier,
    Jean-Philippe Dury

  • Sound

    Chosun Hong

  • Realized within the framework of the exhibition at Atelier Hermès, Seoul, KR thanks to the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Paris, FR