Mar 23, 2024

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee, Limestone Books, Maastricht

Feb 2024

Symbiont, openstudio and talk, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Nov 2023

Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.

Youngwoo Lee, Shinae An, and Elodie Mollet

time-based installation


3 channel projection, 6 channel audio
9 min 28 sec

Video Excerpt
Film Stills
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  • youngwoo_03.jpg
  • youngwoo_06.jpg
Installation Views
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Photo by Sema, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art / Cheolki Hong
  • 2015

    Round Table 1
    Artist talk with Chungwoo Lee a.k.a. Geun-jun Lim (art critic)
    Exhibition-related program of Trio
    D Project Space, Seoul, KR

  • 2015

    Round Table 2
    Artist talk on sound art with Chosun Hong (sound artist)
    Exhibition-related program of Trio
    D Project Space, Seoul, KR

  • 2015

    Round Table 3
    Artist talk on musical scores with Youngwoo Lee (pianist)
    Exhibition-related program of Trio
    D Project Space, Seoul, KR

  • Concept, direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Minha Yang studio, Paju;
    Mirko Lazović studio, Amsterdam

  • Martial Arts Advice

    Alexander Son

  • Music

    Frédéric Chopin
    Piano Sonata No.2, Op. 35


    Min Oh


    Min Oh

    Musical Instrument

    Grand 1st

  • Performance


    Min Oh


    Voice 1, Piano

    Youngwoo Lee

    Voice 2, Voice

    Shinae An

    Voice 3, Soo Bahk Do

    Elodie Mollet
    Choregraphy based on
    Soo Bahk Do, Chilsung 3 Ro

  • Photography


    Min Oh

    Filming Assistant

    Reinilde Jonkhout,
    Sol Lee

    Light Design

    Reinilde Jonkhout,
    Min Oh,
    Chosun Hong

  • Sound


    Chosun Hong


    Chosun Hong
    with the support of
    Audio-Technica Europe,
    Sound & Music Korea (Lewitt Microphones)

  • Style



    Prop Production

    Zero Lab

    Set Production

    Alex Winter,
    Hyungjoon Kim

  • Thanks to Christian Bethin-Kittel
    (Audio-Technica Europe),
    Jaemin Lee,
    Jong-kwan Kim,
    Joohyouk Yi,
    and Seungyeon Chung

  • With the support of Daelim Museum, Seoul, KR